4 Types of Marketing Content to Share This Fall

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Tomorrow is the first day of fall. Do you have a seasonal marketing plan at the ready?

True, fall is not peak real estate season in most communities. But that’s all the more reason to keep up a steady flow of useful, entertaining content to stay connected with buyers and sellers.

Here are five types of content to help you stay top-of-mind with potential clients during this season of all things pumpkin and spice.

Festival Videos

Fall festivals are ubiquitous in cities and towns across the country. You’ll find everything from large, city-sponsored harvest festivals to beer- and culture-centric Oktoberfests to smaller, kid-oriented events hosted by schools and houses of worship. These fun festivals are perfect for informal videos shot with your phone and a hand-held stabilizer, or for photo or video posts on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Fall Color Tours

If you live in a fall-color region, point folks to places where they can enjoy the change of seasons. Provide a map of fall-color driving routes, with points of interest (restaurants, scenic overlooks, historic sites) marked along the way. Better yet, take a drive yourself and document it on video for social media or your website. Interview the locals along the way for ultimate engagement!

Fall Break Tips

More than likely, some of your audience will be planning to travel over fall break, and even more will be planning to stay home. Reach the first group with information about quick, affordable vacations. For the second group, this is a perfect chance to fill your role as local expert. Try some blog posts about staycation activities, day trips, and (for parents who don’t get a fall break of their own) creative childcare. Or engage your social media audience by encouraging them to share their suggestions for fun fall break activities!

Holiday-Themed Content

Fall covers two major U.S. holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. The possibilities for content marketing here are virtually endless. There’s nothing wrong with sharing holiday recipes, craft ideas, or costume ideas (those make great content for Pinterest or Facebook), but also try to think outside the box. What about video interviews with clients to ask about their best-ever Halloween costume? (Bonus points if they have a photo you can share.) Or do an “I am thankful for…” photo series with your family, clients, or the folks in your office.

Share your successes with seasonal content marketing! What kind of content do you recommend for this time of year?

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