4 Places You Can Use VR to Market Real Estate

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VR places for real estate

Virtual reality is getting plenty of press these days, with even Facebook getting in on the action. Gaming is one of the most popular uses for VR, but the technology also makes a stellar real estate marketing tool. Intrigued, but not sure where to use it? Try these ideas.

First Things First

Before you can use VR to market your real estate business, you need VR content and the right hardware. Thankfully, VR options for real estate are readily available, and hardware is very affordable.

We recommend Matterport 3D models as your content source. Not sure which headset you should purchase? Check out our basic primer, or browse a reputable site such as C|Net for helpful reviews.

Use VR in Your Office

This is the most obvious choice for a place to set up VR. Luxury brokerages started the trend, using high-end VR setups to help buyers tour luxury homes that were not open to regular showings (e.g., for privacy or security reasons).

Now that affordable VR headsets are available, the average agent or brokerage can do the same for their buyers. You can even set aside a “showing room” dedicated to VR. Bring buyers in to preview homes that are not available for immediate showing, or to help them narrow down their list of choices.

Use VR in Buyers’/Sellers’ Homes

Google Cardboard VR headsets can be had for less than $15. Why not take one along with you to listing or buying appointments? Most Cardboard headsets collapse flat, so you can conveniently fit one inside a briefcase, purse, or folder.

Use VR at your listing presentations to impress sellers – imagine the impact of saying, “This is how I’m going to market your home!” Or let buyers preview listings from the comfort of their couch, with you there to serve as a resource. The experience will show buyers and sellers that you understand today’s media-hungry client, and it will make your visit highly memorable.

Use VR at Your Open Houses

This is a less obvious choice, since agents or buyers are already in the home, in real life. But we have customers who have done this, to rousing success. People just find it fun to explore a property in VR, and it gives agents an idea for how they might market the home to their own buyers.

As long as the sellers don’t mind, you can also use VR at an open house to show agents and buyers some of your other listings. Especially with Matterport’s collections functionality, you can create a virtual caravan to get buyers or agents interested in similar properties.

Use VR at Community Events

The next time you set up a booth at a local festival or other neighborhood event, take along a VR headset. Use it to show visitors your listings, or even just to entertain them. The point is to represent yourself as a media-savvy agent and make your presence more memorable so that, when people need an agent, you’ll be the one they call.

Have you used VR in an out-of-the box way? Share in the comments!

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