Innovations in Real Estate Technology: NAR Annual Recap, Part 1

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The HouseLens Road Show just returned from the National Association of Realtors annual convention in Orlando, and we are brimming with ideas.

We saw some cool new real estate technology, met some fascinating people, and got some insight into potential new directions for the real estate industry. Our favorite trend? Real estate technology innovations that enable human connection. This week and next, we’ll be sharing the three that impressed us the most.

eXp Realty

Of all the innovations we encountered at NAR, this dark-horse real estate franchise fascinated us the most. After several years of quietly gathering steam, the company has doubled in size since March. What’s so special about eXp Realty? They’re an agent-owned brokerage with no brick-and-mortar offices. Instead, agents operate out of a Virtual Office in the Cloud.

This is not your typical work-from-home setup, however. Agents log into the office using avatars that can sit in meeting rooms, gather at water coolers, even kick around a virtual soccer ball when they need a break. When in-person meetings are truly necessary, eXp leverages co-working spaces and event venues.

We have worked with eXp agents in the field and had the privilege of meeting more during the conference. We were deeply impressed by their sense of camaraderie and belonging, collaborative spirit, and (most of all) their very obvious enthusiasm for eXp.

As you might expect from a Cloud-based franchise, eXp is very savvy about technology as a whole. Agents get access to a subsidized, carefully vetted technology toolkit that the company regularly re-evaluates for relevance. Extensive training builds teamwork and helps agents use tools effectively, rather than just treating them as accumulated shiny objects.

Granted, a virtual office isn’t for everyone. But eXp has found a way to make the concept workable for an expanded audience. We can’t wait to see where they go from here!

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