Innovations in Real Estate Technology: NAR Annual Recap, Part 2

NAR real estate technology

This is Part 2 of a two-part recap of our favorite tech innovations from the National Association of Realtors Annual conference. Read Part 1.


With the advent of real estate portals and other disruptive technologies, real estate agents are no longer able to stake their value proposition on serving as gatekeepers to data. Instead, they have to sell themselves on the basis of their expertise and their human touch.

Relola enables agents to do just that, by providing them with a place to review listings they’ve visited. Agents can also share community insights and recommendations for home-service professionals they trust.

The process is simple: agents visit listings, type or speak a review into their Relola form, add photos if desired, and publish. The reviews show up on agents’ own websites, their social media channels, and other online locations where buyers and sellers look for homes or agents.

A good review might say, “Quiet cul-de-sac where the kids play in each other’s yards every day” or “One of the best kitchen remodels I’ve seen.” It’s an easy, effective way for agents to bring their expertise down to a personal level – enable that human connection – by addressing what matters to buyers and sellers.


Revaluate is a company with a two-pronged approach. Prong one provides ratings, reviews, and inside information on properties in the city’s hottest real estate markets. Prong two provides next-level marketing tools for agents, and that’s what caught our attention at NAR Annual.

Most businesses have marketing databases with both high- and low-quality leads: people who are very likely to use their services (or purchase their product) and people who are not so interested. The challenge is distinguishing one group from the other.

Revaluate Pro, Revaluate’s marketing-tools arm, helps real estate agents do just that. Agents upload their marketing database to the platform, which crunches Big Data to identify the leads who are most likely to move in the next 3-6 months. Agents can then focus their marketing and sales efforts on the leads who are most likely to convert. Boom.

It’s a fantastic way to get out ahead of the sales cycle and establish a top-of-mind position with folks who are truly about to become buyers or sellers. Paired with an effective content marketing program, it’s an ideal way to create meaningful connection with prospects by providing them with helpful information at a time when it’s truly useful to them.

Did you attend NAR Annual? What were your favorite tech innovations?

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