How to Win the Online Listing Game

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In November, we had the privilege of collaborating with our friends at Adwerx on the webinar “List Like a Digital Rockstar.” Our joint goal was to show agents how they can harness the dual power of visual content and digital advertising to win the online listing game.

During the webinar, Adwerx VP of Corporate Marketing Molly McKinley shared several pearls of wisdom about the nature of online marketing and advertising. Here’s how you can follow her advice to maximize the Internet’s selling power for your real estate listings.

Be Radically Different

As we prepared for the webinar, Molly was in the process of selling her home. She received quite a few calls or emails from real estate agents looking to list her house. Being the savvy marketer that she is, she asked each one, “How are you going to sell my home?” And almost every single time, she got the same response: “I’ll come take some pictures, then I’ll put it on the MLS and share it on Facebook.”

Those are good things to do when listing a home, sure, but they’re just table stakes, as poker players say. If you want your listing to stand out from the flood of online content competing for buyers’ attention, you’ve got to be radically different from other agents. Start by putting down your iPhone and hiring a pro. And think beyond photos to video, 3D, virtual reality, and floor plans.

digital real estate marketing

Studies by NAR, Redfin, Comscore, and others show that quality visuals win buyers.

Most agents are still not doing this, even though hiring a pro and using other types of content can make a measurable difference in both time on market and selling price.

Connect the Dots

Remember, the Internet is part of the worldwide web: a massive, interconnected platform of opportunities for sharing your listing. As Molly told our audience, “Your job as the agent is to connect as many dots on the web as possible, with your listing at the center.”

In other words, having quality visual content is only the first step. Then you’ve got to distribute, distribute, distribute. A key way to do this is to use digital advertising. When you set up an ad campaign through Adwerx, for instance, your ad goes out as “ground cover.” It reaches people wherever they are online. And if you connect your ad to a landing page (such as your HouseLens single-property webpage), all the traffic from your ad can follow that thread back to the center of your web: the listing.

Promise and Deliver

As you put your ad together, think about what you’re communicating to buyers. In the homebuyer journey, emotion matters – in a big way. So focus on the home’s benefits, not just its features. If you’re building your ad around a gorgeous photo of the kitchen, don’t caption it with “Newly remodeled kitchen with pro range and honed granite counters.” Say “Cook up new family memories here!”

storytelling digital ads

Use storytelling in your digital ads to appeal to buyers’ emotions.

And keep in mind: your ad is a promise made to buyers. When they click on it, you’ve got to deliver. This brings us back full circle to your visual content. A landing page populated with a full photo gallery, walk-through video, and 3D model shows buyers that you’re not just blowing smoke. They can walk through the home online and see that you’re telling the truth: this really is a home where their family can make some amazing memories.

When buyers realize that, guess what happens? That’s right: the offers start rolling in.

In closing, we’ll leave you with a final quote from Molly: “One thing done well and consistently amplifies everything.” Consistently use quality visual content and digital advertising to market your listings, and you’ll amplify the power of home to win buyers for your listings.

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