5 Real Estate Marketing Tips for Rookie Agents

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So you’re a newly minted real estate agent. Congratulations on your new career! Becoming a real estate agent can be daunting. Particularly as a self-employed individual, you have to shoulder the burden of getting your career and your business off the ground.

Effective real estate marketing is one of the best ways to accomplish that task. But where do you start, particularly if you have the limited budget of a typical new agent?

Step 1: Niche Yourself

Marketing effectively to everyone at once is a budget-busting (and time-sucking) proposition. Choose a niche, however, and you can obtain killer results by targeting just the right audience with your limited resources.

To choose your niche, think about your natural affinities and areas of expertise, then look for where those overlap with a need in your market. If you’re in a snowbird market, do you have a knack for working with retirees? If you grew up on the water and live in a coastal city, is there an active houseboat market you can tap?

Step 2: Build the Best Website You Can Afford

Now that you know your target audience, you can get to work. In today’s online-centric real estate market, your website is the lynchpin of your entire marketing program. So start by setting up a mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate website that uses plenty of stunning visuals. If you can afford to hire a good website designer, do it. The benefits are worth it. If not, don’t stress. Buy the best template you can afford and upgrade when you can. Just make sure your site accommodates embedded video and 3D content – buyers crave rich media, and you’ll get a major SEO boost from those content types.

Step 3: Hire Pros to Prep Your Listings

Speaking of rich media, make professional visual content a budgeting priority. You can’t afford not to. At minimum, hire a professional photographer for every listing. If you can afford it, spring for professional staging, video, and 3D, too. Your listings will sell faster and for more money, and you’ll attract better-quality buyer leads. Plus, sellers will be more likely to list with you when they know you’re going to use professional staging and the latest technology to market their home.

Step 4: Start Slowly on Social

Remember, you can’t be all things to all people. This is especially true of social media marketing. It’s better to post quality content, consistently, on just a few platforms than to try everything sporadically. Start with Facebook, where you can double up on your ROI by boosting posts or purchasing hyper-targeted ads for a pittance. Then add the networks where your target demographic likes to hang out. Focus on quality, not quantity, in building your audience – engagement is what leads to conversion.

Step 5: Build Relationships

Even in a digital age, real estate is still a people business. So don’t disappear behind your webpages and social media personas. Set up a booth at a community fair, write thank-you notes, take time to listen to your clients. And don’t forget to be good to your vendors, too – they also have friends and family who buy and sell. Your business will grow long-term when you’re the agent who provides amazing customer service, acts with integrity, and is a warm human being.

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