A Video Production Crew in the Palm of Your Hands


View Pro walks you through the process of building your video clip by clip. Real estate-specific labels and buckets make it easy to organize your footage and add new clips.


Create premium videos with an agent intro, voiceover, and music bed. You can even import clips from outside the app! When you’re done, View Pro auto-edits everything for you.


View Pro uploads automatically to YouTube AND delivers a single-property webpage for your client. Use social sharing to maximize the marketing power of your video!

FREE until 2018!

View Pro is completely FREE to MarketPlace and ArtistPro users through December 31, 2017. There’s no better time to expand your services and win more business through the power of video!

Grow your bottom line with video

You always have your phone with you. Why not use it to make more money? View Pro is the FREE tool you need to add video to your real estate service offerings. Best of all, you don’t have to lug around a bunch of extra equipment – everything you need is already in the palm of your hand!

Add a stabilizer for

smoother videos

The last thing you want to deliver to your client is a shaky video! HouseLens recommends the DJI Osmo Mobile or Lanparte smartphone stabilizer to give your video professional polish.


with YOUR branding!

Upgrade to a customized version of View Pro to display your branding on every video you produce. You’ll get your own video bumpers and watermark, plus your videos will upload to YOUR YouTube channel. Nice!

Submit the form below to upgrade for just $99!

Bumper Options

When you purchase optional customization

Intro A

“The Classic Fade”

Intro B

“The Rock N Roll”

Intro C

“The Big Reveal”

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