Visual Marketing Options, Part 1: Hiring a Visual Marketing Company Directly

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Remember the dark old days when many MLS listings didn’t even have photos? Really, that was less than 15 years ago – but now, not only are photos the norm, but video and 3D are becoming more common.

Options are becoming more common, too. As in, options for how you acquire the visual content you need to market your listings. You can hire a visual marketing company or imaging pro directly, go through an online marketplace, or do it yourself.

How do you know which option is right for you? You’re in luck – this is the first in a three-part series designed to help you make that decision. This week, we’ll look at hiring a visual marketing company or imaging professional directly.

DO hire directly if:

You want to build a relationship. There are usually benefits to being a loyal customer. When you use the same visual marketing company or imaging professional over and over, they’ll probably be more willing to help you out in a pinch or accommodate special requests.

You want consistency. Visual marketing companies or imaging pros will probably have a standard process for booking shoots and delivering your content. They’re also more likely to deliver consistent style and quality. You’ll have less guesswork all around.

You want an easy button. Many visual marketing companies and imaging pros don’t even require you to show up for the shoot. You just book, pay, and take delivery of your content. And if your pro produces all three content types – photos, video, and 3D – it gets even easier. Sounds appealing, right?

You want to focus on real estate. You got into real estate to sell houses. Right? So don’t spend your time taking pictures. Hiring someone to do the work means you can handle more listing presentations and showings, which means growth for your business. Or you can use the extra time to pour yourself a glass of wine and chill out in your hammock (we won’t tell).

DON’T hire directly if:

You want to play the field. If you like trying out new imaging pros all the time, hiring directly is not the choice for you. You’ll burn up too much time trying to find the right company or person and establish a connection.

You’re a creative chameleon. See above – if you like switching up the style of your shoots on a regular basis, hiring directly is going to be a time suck. You’ll have to spend hours tracking people down, reviewing portfolios, etc.

You’re a control freak. A visual style is part of the package when you hire a visual marketing company or imaging pro. If you’re just going to micromanage the shoots, you might as well save your money and do it yourself.

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Do you usually hire a visual marketing company or imaging professional to shoot your listings? If so, why do you prefer that option?

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