HouseLens Partners With Zillow to Embed Walkthrough Videos with Zillow Listings

By July 19, 2017 Blog, News 8 Comments

HouseLens Inc., the nation’s largest provider of visual marketing services for real estate, has partnered with Zillow to embed HouseLens professional walkthrough videos on the portal’s home detail listing pages.

“Countless studies have shown that video attracts more eyes to a listing, increases time spent viewing the listing and generates better-quality leads for agents,” says HouseLens CEO & Founder Andrew Crefeld. “Now our customers can harness that power for any listing they post on Zillow.”

HouseLens professional walkthrough videos will appear as embedded media on the listing detail page, in a prominently featured video content block. The upload will happen automatically at no additional charge to the agent, so HouseLens customers will get both maximum convenience and value.

“Every time a user has to navigate to a new page to find the information they want, there is a higher risk they’ll leave the site. Now, instead of having to follow a link to access a ‘virtual tour,’ home buyers will instead stay on the listing detail page to watch professional video. This creates a stickier, more engaging experience for buyers,” Crefeld says.

HouseLens will also begin offering Zillow video walkthroughs as a $25 add-on for any shoot that does not include professional video. The walkthroughs are produced using Zillow’s mobile app and will be uploaded to the listing’s video content block.

“This partnership gives HouseLens customers an easy way to get their video walkthroughs in front of the massive audience Zillow commands,” Crefeld says. “We are excited to partner with Zillow in their industry-leading innovation that integrates rich media with their listings.”

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  • How do I add my video to Zillow? It was done last fall!

    • Kathryn Royster says:

      Hi, Jennifer! We would not be able to upload a video that was done last fall because content of that age has been archived (and I assume the listing is no longer live). However, we will be automatically uploading videos for all new shoots going forward!

  • Tammie Maxey says:

    I clicked on the “see an example” which takes me to the Zillow page, but only shows pictures no video.

    • Kathryn Royster says:

      Sorry about that, Tammie! There was just a temporary glitch in the website. If you click the button now, it should work.

  • Young says:


    My video is not imbedded into the listing, but it is available when you click on virtual tour. How do you get it so that it is in the first picture slot?


    • Kathryn Royster says:

      Hi, Young! If your video is from a HouseLens shoot, we automatically upload it to Zillow, and they add it to that first spot in the media gallery. Generally speaking, you should expect to see your video appear with your Zillow listing about 72 hours after the end of your HouseLens shoot, not counting weekends or holidays. If you would like us to check on the status of a specific video for you, you are welcome to call HouseLens customer service at 888-552-3851.

  • Darren DeMartino says:

    I had HL done video 60-70 days ago and the listings is still live (active for sale). Will the video be uploaded to Zillow? I have put the link in MLS but would like video avaliable for folks looking at it on Zillow.

    • Kathryn Royster says:

      Since the shoot was done before we launched the integration, it would not be uploaded automatically. However, if you would like to email us the property address, we’ll be happy to add it to the queue. Please be aware that it may take a few days to upload because new shoots have priority.

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