How a Broker Video Can Build Your Real Estate Business

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This month, our theme for blog posts is “Make Your Business Bloom.” We spent the first two weeks of the month covering marketing strategies that will help your business grow: how to save or splurge on core marketing tools, and which marketing basics you need to maintain for year-round growth.

For the second half of the month, we’re getting tactical. We’ll look at two types of video projects you can complete to boost your real estate business: broker videos and community videos.

It may help to start with a definition. This week, we’ll focus on broker videos. By this, we mean videos that primarily focus on your brokerage as a whole: your overall culture, value proposition, brokerage-level staff and services, and so forth. While a broker video may include interviews with individual agents, the focus is on how those agents carry out the brokerage’s mission or why they love working with that particular office.

Regardless of your primary goal for the video or how you structure it, there are several ways it can build your business.

Demonstrate Your “Why”

In the fourth-most-watched TED Talk of all time, Simon Sinek explains the concept of “starting with why.” According to Sinek, your business is at its most engaging when you successfully communicate why you do what you do, instead of focusing on what you do or how you do it.

“Why” is an emotion-driven concept. It’s the overarching, heart-tugging mission that drives you and your agents to get out of bed every morning. The brain processes emotions more quickly through visual cues and sounds than it does through spoken or written words. So video is the ideal medium for conveying an emotional concept to your audience.

An added benefit? When an idea is associated with emotion, the brain remembers it better. This is the biological underpinning of Sinek’s idea: use video to associate emotion with your brokerage, and your audience will remember you over your competitors.

Establish Consistent Branding

Particularly if your brokerage encompasses multiple offices or teams, you may struggle to establish consistent branding across the business. And without consistent branding, your brokerage is not going to be at the forefront of people’s minds – instead, they’ll remember a team or individual agent first.

A polished, engaging broker video is a powerful tool for establishing a consistent brand. It serves as an authoritative source for information on your brokerage’s culture, processes, and goals. This power comes not just from the content in the video or the way you present it. It also comes from ease of distribution.

A video is a branding piece you can easily and cheaply share with all agents or teams in your brokerage. You can put it front and center on your website, share it on social media, and send out links to it via email. The amount of visibility you can gain will help cement your official logo, name, and image in the minds of a wide audience.

Get More Eyes on Your Business

On a more mundane level, a broker video will simply help draw more eyes to your business. This happens partly through the power of SEO, the process of getting your website to show up at or near the top of relevant search results. Video has a proven track record as an SEO booster. Incorporate video into your brokerage website, and you’re more likely to show up high in search results, especially if you make a few simple tweaks to the way you display the video.

Video also attracts more visitors to a website, increases their time on site, and increases website conversions. When used in email marketing, video boosts open and click-through rates. On social media, it improves the organic reach of posts and drives more engagement. So no matter where you share your brokerage video, the fact that it’s a video makes people more likely to see it and interact with it.

Attract More Recruits

For many brokers, agent recruiting is the most important metric for business growth. A broker video can help here, too. Thanks to the information density of video and its emotional power (see the first point in this post), it’s a terrific tool for attracting agents to your brokerage. And since you can distribute it easily – on your website, via recruiting emails, or even in Facebook ads – you can use it to reach either a broad or targeted audience of potential recruits without spending a ton of money.

One final thought: there’s not just one type of broker video. If you want your broker video to be a cornerstone branding piece, a polished, professionally produced video (or series of videos) will be best. But you can also create informal, DIY broker videos that capture your brokerage’s “why” in bite-sized chunks. These are best for social media or live video. Whatever option you choose, the important thing is to do it. Don’t go another day without harnessing the power of a broker video for growing your business!

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