Visual Capture for Commercial and Residential Real Estate

We are HouseLens, a Seek Now service. For 12 years, HouseLens has been capturing homes and businesses across the US to give real estate agents and business owners stunning professional photos and videos to help market their listings in a more visually pleasing way. Our Artists are highly trained and skilled in the field of professional and HDR photography, professional videography, drone photography and videography, 3D real estate modeling, and much more. As the industry has evolved, so have we and we are glad to be a leading provider in real estate visual capture services.

Selling Power

Homes marketed with professional real estate photography sell up to 3 weeks faster than homes marketed with DIY or amateur photography. 

More Leads

Homes marketed with professional video generate 4 times the quality leads of homes marketed without video. 


Reach buyers in your sleep! HouseLens videos and 3D tours are a 24/7 online open house for your listings. 


89% of buyers use mobile to search for real estate. HouseLens mobile-first marketing reaches them any time, anywhere.



The Conversion rate

Landing pages with professional video get up to 8x the conversion rate of other landing pages. HouseLens videos and mobile-first single-property webpages are your key to selling faster.




That’s the possible selling premium on a home marketed with professional photography. Showcase your real estate listings in stunning detail with HouseLens. 

Interactive 3D


HouseLens is the largest Matterport Service Partner in the real estate industry. Partner with us to add immersive marketing to your next listing. 

We serve several cities across the US. To inquire about our services or to see if we’re in your area, please contact us at