Greater Depth and Detail

New Unique 5 Bracket System

Showcase Unique Features

Unlock Amazing Detail with Our Upgraded HDR Photography Services

Our New HDR Photography Services are designed to generate superior results. HouseLens’s 5-bracket system is able to provide unparalleled depth and detail in every shot. This advanced technology ensures that all elements within an interior or exterior space are captured in their best light, highlighting a property’s true potential and showcasing its unique features.




Five Brackets to Generate Superior Results

Improved Color Balance, Brightness, and Contrast 

Our technology combines five separate photos, each capturing a different exposure level for unparalleled depth and detail. This ensures that each photo has the perfect balance of brightness, contrast, and color, giving you a clear and bright image that truly stands out. 


Light Balancing (Highlights and Shadows) 

We go beyond just color balance, brightness, and contrast. We also provide light balancing to ensure the perfect balance of highlights and shadows in each photo. This helps to bring out the details of your property, giving you clear and stunning photos that truly show off your listing in the best way possible. 


Window View Enhancements and Blue Sky Replacement

Our HDR Photography Services give you the edge to help make your property stand out from others. Through our window view enhancements and blue sky replacement, potential buyers will be able to appreciate all aspects of a property – both indoors and outdoors! We provide accurate details for windows with crystal clarity that can’t be ignored; then finish off exterior shots by adding bright skies for an extra polished look.


Color Cast Reduction  

We provide color cast reduction so that your photos look more natural and realistic. Our upgraded HDR services reduce the orange/yellow cast in photos while restoring perfect white balance, so that the colors of your photos are accurate and true-to-life.

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