Why Choose iGUIDE to Showcase Your Next Real Estate Listing

By August 28, 2023 Blog No Comments

What is iGUIDE

iGUIDE is the fastest all-in-one digital property capture system and building information platform. iGUIDE is considered one of the most efficient systems to map interior spaces and features accurate floor plans, measurements, and reliable property square footage. By integrating floor plans and visual data, iGUIDE provides an intuitive and practical way to digitally navigate and explore built environments. Thus, enabling businesses in the residential, facility management, insurance & restoration, architecture, and construction space to market their portfolio, monitor real property at scale and drive business opportunities and revenue.

Why is iGUIDE Powerful for Your Booking?

iGUIDE is a turn-key marketing tool that helps real estate brokers and listing agents sell more homes faster and with less effort. In today’s digital age, iGUIDE not only captures accurate 3D virtual tours and 2D floor plans in minutes, but it also creates the ultimate homebuyer experience by providing detailed property information in a single platform. This includes interactive floor plans, room dimensions, square footage, essential neighborhood data, and intuitive navigation experience that will increase business activities and engagement. The level of interactivity helps potential buyers better understand the property’s layout and features, that will help build trust and confidence in their decision-making process. Properties listed with iGUIDE 3D tour receive more online exposure and attract a larger pool of potential buyers that demand virtual tour media.

The Value in 40 Photos (Instead of a Smaller Amount)

Properties that have fewer photos are typically passed over by online viewers. Increasing your photo upload gives you a competitive advantage as the average real estate agents, upload 25-30 photos. Increasing your photo count will not only allow for key features of the home to be showcased but helps the listing agents properly market the entire home thus, decreasing the chances of returning to the home for missed photos. Lastly, according to recent Consumer Housing Trends Report, more photos have a 30% more marketing effectiveness that could lead to more qualified buyers, higher priced offers and overall transactions.

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